Youth Programs

The One Tam Youth Initiative engages, empowers, and educates young people while providing critical support for the lands of Mt. Tam. Using the mountain as a diverse and expansive classroom, young stewards restore high-priority native habitat, learn about the importance of public lands, develop valuable leadership skills, and create lasting connections to this special place. Programs are designed to deliver meaningful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

A New Generation of Stewards

Started in Spring of 2015, the Youth Initiative coordinates the array of existing youth programs offered by TLC partners, tailors programs to Mt. Tam lands, expands participation by diverse audiences, and nurtures new collaborations with local community groups and schools. It offers numerous pathways for young people to participate in programs that build on each other, providing opportunities for ongoing engagement over time. The goal is to provide successive volunteer, internship, and job opportunities through college. Among the programs in the Youth Initiative are LINC on Tam, an immersive summer high school program; Schools on the Watershed, which provides school-year, environmental education opportunities for Marin elementary, middle and high schools; and service-learning programs for youth groups and after school programs.

To learn more about youth programs on Mt. Tam, contact Grecia Solis Pacheco, Youth & Education Programs Manager.

We must ensure that the lands of Mt. Tamalpais are relevant and accessible to the youth of today, so that they will exist for the generations of tomorrow

There are many ways to expand how young people can contribute to the restoration and stewardship of Mt. Tam

Existing agency and Parks Conservancy youth service and job programs will be expanded to include a Mt. Tam-specific focus

Service learning is another valuable way to engage youth in the care of the mountain

Internships offer the next level of youth engagement and job training