Measuring the health of Mt. Tam

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant and diverse Mt. Tam begins with understanding how key ecological resources are faring, and how we can better care for this iconic and beloved place.

One Tam partners and Bay Area scientists have come together to try to answer the question: How healthy are Mt. Tam's natural resources?

How Can I Help?


Give to support the mountain, and the projects and programs helping to maintain and restore this special place:


Join us to help pull invasive weeds, restore habitats, maintain trails, and more:

The mountain’s wildlife needs you too!

Catalog photos and identify wildlife with the Marin Wildlife Picture Index Project, join the Marin Municipal Water District to protect breeding foothill yellow-legged frogs, or help monitor western pond turtles. Or, come out with the National Park Service to track and monitor coho salmon.

Learn & Share

Take part in a bioblitz or annual bird count, share your sightings on iNaturalist, or join one of many educational programs hosted by local environmental organizations.


Stay on designated trails to protect sensitive species and habitats, use native or non-invasive plants for home landscaping, and clean your shoes after passing through areas with Sudden Oak Death.

Volunteers play an important role in sustaining the health of Mt. Tam. Photo by Paul Myers/Parks Conservancy.