Mt. Tam

Saturday, August 19, 2017, 9 am-Noon: Mt. Tam Habitat Restoration: Restore Grasslands and Oak Woodlands- Hosted by MMWD

Mt. Tam Habitat Restoration: Restore Grasslands and Oak Woodlands - Hosted by MMWD

Host: Marin Municipal Water District 

Volunteers will focus on removing Douglas-fir seedlings from Lagunitas Meadow. Unchecked Douglas-fir growth turns wildlife- and plant-rich meadows and oak woodlands into dark, empty forests.

Families are welcome! Children ages 8 to 16 are welcome if with an adult. All volunteers under 18 must have a permission porm signed by a parent or guadian. Please contact MMWD for a copy of the form. 

Meet at the Lake Lagunitas Parking Lot. New volunteers please arrive 15 minutes early for sign-in and orientation. To pre-register or for more information about the above, call 415-945-1128 or e-mail or visit our volunteer page.

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About the MMWD Habitat Restoration Program

Throughout the year, the MMWD has opportunities to learn about Mt. Tam’s unique plant and animal life while contributing to their continued survival. Events generally take place on the third Saturday of each month. Individuals, groups, non-profit organizations, and families are all invited and encouraged to attend. This program focuses on invasive species control with a special emphasis on French broom and Douglas fir. Sites are chosen to be scenic and accessible. Meeting locations vary; please visit the MMWD website for up-to-date information and see the online map for all restoration event locations.

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Event Type: Educational and Interpretive